Jegas Application Server

Jegas Application Server - is the name of the software you are accessing right now! It is a pet project started back in 2001 !!! One developer from start to ... never finished ;) Why? Because in today's digital shark infested waters... you need an advantage! Get out of the Mainstream and into the JetStream! --Jason P Sage


And while we did develop JAS from the ground up, we would be remiss to not mention our colleagues and friends who helped provide various resources like the programming language used, various icons and actual code.

A Warm and Special Thank You to My Lovely Wife Springli, My Family, Friends! Without them, I wouldn't have been able to have built my dream system! --Jason

 Free Pascal


FreePascal Development Team

License: GPL

Yes you can make commercial applications with a GPL programming language! How? The output generated by a GPL application does not itself make that output GPL also!

And in addition to that fact, I asked the original founders back in like 2003 if I could make commercial applications with FreePascal and the answer was a resounding YES! They encouraged it... so the same way we adopted the language for it's various properties... we promote FreePascal at every opportunity and are involved in the FreePascal community. P.S. For the Skeptics - We Didn't pick FreePascal because it was free... Check Out their Website and read a page or two ;) And if they forget to mention it - it's very easy to read the language like "basic" yet it has all the power of its rival C++ ... except it's less Main Stream.. but then again... it compiles faster and is more portable.. go figure. --Jason

 IWF - Interactive Web Framework

IWF - Interactive Web Framework

By: Brock Weaver

License: LGPL

This is by far the coolest thing since sliced bread! Ok - maybe not - but Brock wrote a killer javascript application that makes AJAX programming a breeze! The reason we selected IWF was it's lightweight approach to AJAX and Brock seems to have a really good grasp of Javascript's inner-workings and he coded (programmed the javascript) some very cool constructs to make this system PURR with minimal code! Note: Jason P Sage made a modification to IWF that allows a new "RAW" post method in addition to the stock "form interrogation" posting tool (which is cool but wasn't what we we're looking for.) In keeping with the licensing, that code has been published in a comment in the IWF SourceForge project pages.



By: Lukas Gebauer
Copyright©1999-2002, Lukas Gebauer
All rights reserved.

Synapse is a rather comprehensive networking library that does a great job! Plus - Like FreePascal, it comes with a ton of demos that actually work so you can learn quickly and get up to speed fast!

 My Date Time Picker - TengYong Ng

My Date Time Picker

By: TengYong Ng

License: Dual - GPL and Author's

This widget is lean, mean and works great!
Also a special thank you to TengYong Ng for giving us permission to put his code in a bundle with other JAS javascript to help keep requests and bandwidth down.

Also of note: a New Css style version was added by Yvan Lavoie (Quebec, Canada) 29-Jan-2009