What is JAS?


What Is JAS Anyway?

JAS is an All-In-One Webserver, Content Management System, Project Management System, Case/Trouble Ticket Management, Time Keeping,Time Management Tools, a CRM/SAP base system that you can build upon. This system was designed to be extended having both an open platform design and an interface that allows most customizations to be done right in your web browser without writing code. You can get fancier if you like. You can make tables (akin a spreadsheet) in the database and optionally have the system create screens for them. These screens would be the "filter/grid" and the "Data " screens. You can rearrange and customize these screens heavily and you can integrate them with external systems and more. The Linux Bootable uses Lighttpd WebServer because its better with static and set you up to install a SSL certificate in Lighttpd and able to use JAS online safe for logging in etc. Just don't broadcast your session ID's!

JAS uses MySQL for storage, is standalone or hybrid webserver (for SSL installs) for storing all your data. The system comes with a solid business datamodel that is easy to extend. So, whether you are a call center with 500 sales agents per location or someone wanting a personal database for your own use... JAS might be just the thing for you!

Some JAS Features
  • Its has a CRM base meant to be extended by you to fit YOUR needs. (Company, Leads with optional OWNER based setting so one sales person can not see another's leads, Persons, Projects, Tasks, Reminder Emails, Calendars)
  • Easy to customize and create new database tables and screens to work with your data
  • JAS can be your Pocket-Cloud, or you can make you own Internet cloud - but you own it, not some strangers.
  • Quick Notes, Tasks with email notifications, Project Management - Don't forget important things!
  • Accounting, Sales, Warehouse Inventory infrastructure for further development of these as modules or as a base for integration with best of breed systems.
  • Password Keeper - Because one password everywhere is just silly

  • Make Database Tables..., Record View and Search Screens with minimal effort - database knowledge is helpful but not necessarily a requirement.
  • Text based template system separates business logic from presentation code. (Other output is possible too: json, ajax etc)
  • Project Management System - Full Project Management system with team, task, time and money management tools.
  • Case/Trouble Ticket System - Don't let those customers with issues get overlooked!
  • Audit System, yes a big brother feature that tracks any and all movements in the system. This feature is enabled on a per user basis; so you can audit select users to see why someone is making a mistake or how a person arrived at a problem area in the system, as well as a non stop set of tracks for any other analysis. NOTE: This was designed as a diagnostic and security tool - however it is very demanding of the system so we recommend not using this feature until a special need arises. Using it for everyone will slow the system down terribly; fast enough system? It might work fine.

Here is some Jegas,LLC terminology that is subject matter related.

  • Jegas API- Is the Application Programming Interface that JAS uses.
  • JAS - Jegas Application Server - is a multi-threaded system that can operate as a standalone web server or it can be integrated via our Common Gateway Interface thini client to any existing web infrastructure you may have that supports CGI.
  • Squadron Leader - JAS can run just its own database, your database, or it can be used to host multiple databases and/or companies sharing one CRM/cloud system. Therefore, the main database is referred to as the Squadron leader because it manages the fleet of jets.
  • Jet - Each Individual Database or JAS instance that is added to a JAS installation is called a Jet. Of course the first and Main Database is referred to as these Jet's Squadron leader.


The goal is to make a Rapid Application Development platform that both the casual user and CRM wizards can make use of right out of the box and is expandable and customizable. If you want to go even farther, you can embed html and javascript or even change the code of the web server itself. Its very flexible: Its was designed to be customizable from the ground up to help make the whole process of creating systems of any size more synergistic. Basically it allows you to do a ton without having to get into code, but once you are there, you may find its easier to grasp FreePascal than many frameworks are to learn.

Jegas, LLC has put together a complete a library, and API, a web/application server, CRM infrastrucure and more that is all designed to be usable across computing platforms, programming languages, and database systems alike.

What about security? Well, there is a security subsystem that interacts with both the UI subsystem, and the database subsystem. Additionally, its design allows for field level control, and allows you to use the security system to manage security for anything you'd like. What does that mean? You can create any arbitrary unique resource and manage it the same way you would a database table, field, or controlled UI interface! Also a new sub-system has recently been added to help the system defend itself against malicious people and robots named Punk-Be-Gone Preemptive Defense System. This isn't a fire-n-forget system, its one you tune to make YOUR system safer by banning IP addresses the moment malicious intent is inferred.

What platforms do these libraries or API run on?

  • ARM
  • Linux
  • Intel/i386
  • Dos (G032v2 extender)
  • FreeBSD (FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x)
  • Netware
  • OS/2
  • All the Windows
  • PowerPC
  • Mac OS
  • Mac OS X
  • MorphOS
  • AMD64/x86 64

Usability of the core API as it pertains to data management, replication, and synchronization is dependent upon a minimal ODBC implementation for said platform.


JAS Ready To Run Bootable Linux ISO/DVD

JAS comes preinstalled on this remastered XenialPuppy Linux distribution ("Distro").
  1. Make the CD
  2. Bo

JAS Source Code

Some of the newer versions of MySQL and MariaDB are not compatible with JAS if they are compiled without the API hat JAS uses

JAS Reference Manual

This manual was generated from the code itself and comments therein. This manual encompasses all of the JegasAPI as it is built

 Open Source

JegasCRM Project

JegasCRM, JAS and all included source code and media is distributed under the GPL3 license. See GNU Project - Free Software Foundation for more information about the GPL3 license.