JegasBackup aka jbu For starters it copies and moves files 3X faster than xcopy and 2 seconds slower than linux "cp -R *


JegasEdit is a programmable syntax highlighting text editor designed for editing all sorts of programming languages and text files.

You can not only modify editor colors, syntax highlighting colors, you can even teach JegasEdit about whatever programming, text, mark up, or other languages you edit with a text editor.

JegasEdit is available for windows and Linux. I recommend making shortcuts named "je" that JegasEdit so its less to type when you're using a command prompt. you could rename the executable just the same.

Linux 32 - Old but works

If there is enough call for it I'll bring the Linux 32bit version up to speed.

Dark Theme

Dark Color theme download jegaseditor.cfg

In Windows, it needs to be in a hidden folder named AppData. Here is where mine is: c:\Users\Jason\AppData\Local\jegaseditor.cfg

In Linux it just needs to be in your home directory.


Recurse Commander is a command line power tool made for a very specific problem: Executing Commands on every single file

Recurse Commander Bundle 2016-05-20

This has a 32bit Windows executable and a Linux 686 version.

 Jegas Recursive FTP

Jegas Recursive FTP ( jrftp ) is a console based FTP client who's main feature is recursive uploads and downloads and automation

 Springli Timer

Springli Timer 2016-11-03-x86_64.tar.gz

Desktop Alarm and Count Down Timer, complete with mini size. Flashing window anounces alarms.