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Don't JUDGE, Change

Listen to POPE - And Elijah? Fake? Real? Somewhere in between? Or Evil? PAUSE (For the Record, that guy died in a Bike Wreck

 Sheep Dog

Sheepdog - Nips - Drags you back your shepherd, a wolf just devours you where you stand. Cultivated wolves, are indeed Sheep Dog

Sheep Dog

It's easier for me to just say, I'm a Zealot bible thumper, and I am a worthless servant of the most high, one mistake I face de

 Community Service

G.O.A.T. Community Service

Be a Goat for Good! The Cheetah shows we move B^)>
Join God's Over-Achievement Team
Mission: Do No Harm, Do lots of Good - Community Service

We are an Inter-Faith Group just doing our part while giving other organizations a little breather. Atheists and agnostics who want to help the community are always welcome too! We Do it For GOD, we do it for GOOD, and we do it for Humanity. Good fellowship, good cause and maybe we can inspire someone else to do something nice.

Main Rule: No entering building without permission; nor by ones self. (Enter building in twos only is allowed with permission) One goal is to occasionally have people from the judicial system help out when they have to perform community service as a punishment. This is why we have the 2 person in a building rule to thwart pilfers.

The aim is to have good people rubbing elbows together and to have folks from the judicial system a chance to rub elbows with GOOD folk.


G.O.A.T. Pastures in Connecticut

  • Gurudwara Guru Ramdas Darbar, Windsor (Sikhi House of Worship)
  • Henry Park, Vernon CT
  • Hockanum River Trail, Vernon CT
  • South Windsor State Wildlife Area
  • Al Noor Islamic Center, Ellington CT
Note: If you don't want someone picking up garbage in your parking lot, tell us before you call the police, would hate to embarrass all involved: Good Deed turned sour... If I cleaned your lot, casually, and no one complained.. I might do it again... shh... do gooder at work... (smiles)

This project was started 2017-07-21 and as providence would have it, when we were descending upon the Hockanum River Trail to clean it on 2017-07-22 (Saturday), the Ellington Trails Committee was there with Balloons, a big sign, and most importantly PEOPLE; People Cleaning the river and the trail! These were volunteers just wanting to do something extra, something good! These are people that want YOU and everyone else to be able to enjoy creation alone or with your family. Why? We really are one big family, and trying to make it one big Happy Family is a NOBLE CAUSE!

GOAT? Don't worry... Goats eat anything... including garbage. We are doing this for the Sheep (That's all of US) because we are sheep!

Please Print and Distribute our Flyer

If you would welcome some help for your organization, house of worship (church/synagogue/mosque/other? Yeah, Ask... I dunno, we TRY, that's how we HELP GOD's WILL No Matter.) then please let us know. You'll be added to the list of GOAT Pastures and we'll try to show you some love!

Thank You,
--Christian Sikh