YHWH is GOD Alone #1. Jesus is #2. Worship #1, or #2 will be seeking Wrath.
God - Burns Mountain Tops
God - decla

10 Commandments

As far as I can tell, these laws still apply. Whenever infinite god summarizes a 10 item list for living forever, I think rul

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Video - Holy Law vs. Dogma

Christian Sikh - God's Army - Sheepdog - Holy Law Versus Dogma - NO RELIGION 100% TRUTH! Listen UP my heathens... Don't let a H

Should I stay or should I go?

Some Religions need a tweak, some don't. Jews? Fine. Add Messiah - Better - teach them Trinity, then you stink. Jesus isn't GOD

Homosexuality & Hermorphrodites & Gender Dysphoria

Listen UP all you HEATHENS and Abominations, confused and genetically ripped off folks with a good reason to be ANGRY with Chris


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