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Re-acclimating to my CODE BASE
09/30/2018 10:15 PM
Well, Jegas, LLC is starting to sizzle a little bit as I'm breaking out my WAREZ and re-acclimating to my code base and software - Getting my Workflow back in order too.. So, welcome back ME. :) I've been chomping at the bit seeing people get their FREE SPEECH knocked over political correctness and or "The MOB Has Voted you off the ISLAND" junk, so my software is about: RUnning your own data, on your own system, with a built in ANTI-HACKER system that guards the front door, you have to lock down your backoffice yourself - but as the source code will attest, there isn't backdoors in JAS - it even locks me out with a BAN notice sometimes programming and testing stuff etc. So... It's pretty "hot" at catching weird activity and scans each request for "known hacker attacks" so when they hit JAS - they are beat before they even get started. If not - the underlying security polices what data and functionality is served/offered to the user - I mean wolf in sheeps cloth. Time to SHEER off the outer coat - and identify them hackers for what they are: PRICKS working for SATAN the DEVIL. YUP.