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rtAudit uj_definitions

audit record - these fields are used for record auditing in each table... well the value fields are... the FieldName fields are dynamically created by concatenating the table's column prefix and the tail end of the field names... Example: jtask table has JTask as column prefix... so JTask_CreatedBy_JUser_ID is the resultant field name for the CreatedBy field for that particular table. See JADO.saGetColumnPrefix

rtJADODBMS uj_definitions


rtJADODriver uj_definitions


rtJAlias uj_definitions


rtJAliasLight uj_definitions


rtJASSingle uj_definitions

JAS Single - This structure is used for standalone JAS Applications run as CGI applications. Note this is a way to leverage the JAS Database, JegasAPI, JAS API, Security, Configured Database connections etc. Now JAS Single applications do NOT handle things that the JAS Application exclusively manages - however it does allow testing and development of code without compiling the code directly into the JAS server which makes it stellar for testing, and making scheduled tasks for the JAS JobQ subsystem.

NOTE: This structure is passed by reference - and the i8CgiResult variable gets modified in the InitSingle function. For this particular variable - ZERO means success - so the reason for passing it back is to allow acting upon error codes in a reasonable manner.

How you use this record structure is basically populate all the values with the defaults you'd like and then you call the Single_Init function in the uxxj_single unit. Note - the jegas_application.pas file is not the same as the jegas_application_server file. The jegas_application.pas file is the prototype for building JAS SINGLE applications.

Integration JAS SINGLE applications into JAS takes a little work because you need to choose WHAT kind of "program it is" (xml api or a standard Jegas Application) - and make it so your "single" app runs under the correct circumstances.

rtJBlok uj_definitions


rtJBlokButton uj_definitions


rtJBlokField uj_definitions


rtJBlokType uj_definitions


rtJButtonType uj_definitions


rtJCaption uj_definitions


rtJCase uj_definitions


rtJCaseCategory uj_definitions


rtJCasePriority uj_definitions


rtJCaseSource uj_definitions


rtJCaseSubject uj_definitions


rtJCaseType uj_definitions


rtJColumn uj_definitions


rtJCompany uj_definitions


rtJCompanyPers uj_definitions


rtJDConnection uj_definitions


rtJDebug uj_definitions

This table/structure is for debugging - so it's usage is meant to be lightweight user just passes "CODE" which is actually a Time stamp of when they were creating the code to write to this database in a YYYYMMDDHHMM format. We do this to keep entries unique enough so we can search systems for the "CODE" to find where a forgotten debug entry might be living unwanted in any of the attached systems.

rtJDType uj_definitions


rtJFile uj_definitions


rtJFilterSave uj_definitions


rtJFilterSaveDef uj_definitions


rtJHelp uj_definitions


rtJIndexFile uj_definitions


rtJIndexFileLight uj_definitions


rtJIndustry uj_definitions


rtJInstalled uj_definitions


rtJInterface uj_definitions


rtJInvoice uj_definitions


rtJInvoiceLines uj_definitions


rtJIPList uj_definitions


rtJIPListLight uj_definitions


rtJIPListLU uj_definitions


rtJIPStat uj_definitions


rtJJobQ uj_definitions


rtJLanguage uj_definitions

============================================================================= =============================================================================

rtJLanguageLight uj_definitions

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rtJLead uj_definitions


rtJLeadSource uj_definitions


rtJLock uj_definitions


rtJLog uj_definitions


rtJLookup uj_definitions


rtJMail uj_definitions


rtJMenu uj_definitions


rtJMime uj_definitions


rtJMimeLight uj_definitions


rtJModC uj_definitions


rtJModule uj_definitions


rtJModuleConfig uj_definitions


rtJModuleSetting uj_definitions


rtJNote uj_definitions


rtJPassword uj_definitions


rtJPerson uj_definitions


rtJPriority uj_definitions


rtJProduct uj_definitions


rtJProductGrp uj_definitions


rtJProductQty uj_definitions


rtJProject uj_definitions


rtJProjectCategory uj_definitions


rtJQuickLink uj_definitions


rtJRedirect uj_definitions


rtJRedirectLight uj_definitions

this mini version of the structure above is to save space, as we need this list memory resident, so we do not want unneccessary data wasting RAM.

rtJScreen uj_definitions


rtJScreenType uj_definitions


rtJSecGrp uj_definitions


rtJSecGrpLink uj_definitions


rtJSecGrpUserLink uj_definitions


rtJSecKey uj_definitions


rtJSecPerm uj_definitions


rtJSecPermUserLink uj_definitions


rtJSession uj_definitions


rtJSessionData uj_definitions


rtJSessionType uj_definitions


rtJStatus uj_definitions


rtJSysModule uj_definitions


rtJTable uj_definitions


rtJTableType uj_definitions


rtJTask uj_definitions


rtJTaskCategory uj_definitions


rtJTeam uj_definitions


rtJTeamMember uj_definitions


rtJTestOne uj_definitions


rtJTheme uj_definitions


rtJThemeLight uj_definitions


rtJTimecard uj_definitions


rtJTrak uj_definitions


rtJUser uj_definitions


rtJUserPref uj_definitions


rtJUserPrefLink uj_definitions


rtJVHost uj_definitions


rtJVHostLight uj_definitions


rtJWidget uj_definitions


rtJWidgetLink uj_definitions


rtJWorkQueue uj_definitions


TCONTEXT uj_context

The CONTEXT class holds the CONTEXT of each thread's state; whether just serving in the WebServer mode or running complex custom applications. Each Thread has its own instance of this object. It serves as a easy way to pass thread based contextual data to singleton functions in a way that makes writing functions to interact with the JAS TWORKER threads defined in uxxj_jcore.pp possible.

TJASRECORD uj_tables_loadsave

============================================================================= ============================================================================= ***************************************************************************** ============================================================================= ***************************************************************************** !@!Declarations ***************************************************************************** ============================================================================= ***************************************************************************** =============================================================================

TLISTEN uj_listener


TWORKER uj_worker

TWORKER - Is a class based on TJTHREAD. This class represents the worker threads for JAS applications and web server operations.
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